Halal tours in Bali

Bali Land Tours will assist you to travel around of the island and providing the halal tour in Bali for Muslim customer!
Bali island is still become one of the top destination for travel in the world with large selection of holiday activities, hotels, villa and restaurant.

With my experienced I try to accommodate all of customer request upon their stay in Bali from something possible and almost impossible. The most respecting request is the halal food for my Muslim customer or friends.
Sounds hard to get it in Bali since they read that Bali island is 94% are all Hindu and only 4% Muslim. But one thing should to know that the percentage is account from the permanent living of the island, and what about the non-permanent living.

Hmm....a lot though..!!! Since Bali grow as tourist area with a lot of investment, there are many workers are came from Java, Lombok or other island in Indonesia and if they are young worker may prepare as non-permanent living because they are not really coming into the neighborhood society around their place to stay.

With those reason there are many people from other island try to make their life by provide the Muslim food since if we account the percentage the Muslim population in Bali from permanent and non-permanent living may have almost a half of the locally. When the visitor of the island grow up with domestic tourist which most of them are Muslim since Indonesia as the biggest Muslim population in the world and the restaurant of road side street will grow up as well. They grow from the quantity, quality or even the cost ( I mean more expensive...).

As the ground tour provider with my experienced to handle many Muslim customer or a lot of Muslim friends, then I set the Bali Halal Tours with own customize itinerary request and food request. You may hard to believe if some local travel agent included the food during your day trip. To anticipate the question and make it your trip in Bali more comfortable I will ask you to choose your own and I will recommended some along the way of your trip. I have to keep the respect for any religion special request especially food since the food will become very sensitive issue. I am pleased to remind you that never ask halal certify in most of restaurant in Bali because this certify will cost them quiet expensive to get it. 
Finally I am pleased to inform you that never feel so much worry to travel around in Bali since there a lot of option for any kind important issue. 
As the main tourist destination we prefer for the tourist satisfy holiday. The long terms of business will be the main reason for me to assist you to provide the true and try to realize your wish with the smallest possibility. 


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