Dinner in Jimbaran seafood grill

Jimbaran is one of the famous places in Bali with a Beach front restaurant serving specialties are grilled fish Jimbaran style and may become the end visiting option of your Bali tours.
Jimbaran seafood dinner has grown old enough to be managed by the village and in its management had made little progress because this region is a region of the fishermen who would be very easy for the management of restaurant grilled fish to get fish that are still fresh.
Many customers said that Jimbaran sunset dinner is very expensive packages and ask about other cheap and similar restaurant grilled fish.
One thing I said that besides typical Jimbaran serving grilled fish is also located off the coast of the Indian Ocean waves. The Beach musician and a sparkling star attraction for the tourists themselves.
Then how the price...?
Here are some of my testimony on grilled fish restaurant in jimbaran:
  • Not all of seafood in Jimbaran bay are fresh and of course you have to really choose the right place. I always go to a restaurant recommended by previous customers. So if we become a regular customer of the restaurant it will be very helpful. As a regular customer certainly they would not dare to play the quality of the food.
  • Great price ... when you pick the menu you sure that you order a fish o costly burden of life because in addition to not come from the sea but from the pond.
  • Never come with package inclusion because the food serve 90% not fresh food since the package set up is the most simple package and consider very limited cost to make the minimal profit of the restaurant.
  • I recommend choosing your own fish food or through the menu and if you feel that 1 kg of fish is enough for you to share with your friend the packages will be very cheap.
  • Many felt cheated but trust no one deceive you, just might be lacking a driver or guide you to determine the choice of counsel in the cause you come without an appropriate tips in choosing foods.
  • The place presented a separate extra value to the Jimbaran seafood grilled with a label that has been famous Jimbaran, I think is very reasonable to get up in the category of middle class restaurant. But for a tourist destination where one concept in a vacation is to spend instead of saving the cost, I think 1 x go to Jimbaran will be the impression vocation for you.
  • Do you know that there are many restaurants that are more expensive but may be due to a local restaurant called as many consider it inappropriate to sell expensive.


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