Arrange the tours in Bali

I provide you some main Island review as your reference to arrange Bali tours and travel for your pleasant holiday .
Many people who visited the island of Bali felt that they did not yet able to fulfill his wish and not really enjoy their vocation time.
Bali island is consider a big island and quiet busy traffic along the road with many people work on the road side as personal sales. If you never prepare your self it will become confusing to realize your holiday purpose.

Therefore, if you want to visit Bali there are a few  things you should know about the island as the following:
  • Never say this is my first time in Bali to the people on the road side and never share your family name and hotel or...they call you every morning just to offer something for you.
  • Make sure where you want to go, no need to place its name, but enough to convey "the beautiful temple" or "the best view of the beach" of course if you do a big tour with travel agents it will be difficult because the object of visit has been determined.
  • Get recommendations from several reviews that provide the travel provider profile for your reference of Bali so you can see the background and experience
  • Get to know the island of Bali through the online, because many thought that the island is small and rustic shades. I must tell here that the island is very broad about 8 x Singapore, as well as a rather small road with high traffic. You can use our website as your reference to learn before decide your trip for more effective and not spending to much time in the car.  Your trip will be very-effectiveness if done in accordance with the direction of your journey.
  • Recommendation of friends or family to the destination may be used 50% just because everyone has their own different idea about some sights and people will tell you according to their preferred course.
  • Choose a place to eat as you want of course will be tailored to your route.
  • Your kind understanding that when you come to Bali  with certainly period of visit is impossible for you to know the island deeply since even the Balinese still need to know more about their island and culture.
  • Well known that Bali is tourist places with many people work on the road side as the personal seller and try to inform you as the expert although not all of them exactly is the expert. They consider very friendly people and good driving skill with local kind hospitality but may not the good informer for some special things as they keep explain about their side only and will become the advantage for them self. 
  • If you come with one of Bali travel agency or even any driver or tour provider, your communication is very important. Inform the certainly of your purpose whether you like the cheap places for food, hotel or anything. It will have your tours assistant to search he places for you. Many happen that the tourist spend to much time because the tour assistant can't get your point of interest.
  • Some of places is not advise to visit, since to many problem for tourist because of the locally pressure. let's say, many cheating locally and hiding extra cost likes Besakih temple, Ulun Danu Batur, Trunyan village.
  • Many visitor imagine to visit a lot of temple, pleased to inform you that all temple in Bali are the same concept of building. Even we are Hindu but our temple is different with Indian Hindu, not so bright relief, open space, almost none temple allow to enter.


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